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additionArithmetic Ops
additionOperator Overloading
and operatorBoolean Expressions
and operatorOperator Overloading
anonymous functionsFunction Handles and Anonymous Functions
answers, incorrectBug Criteria
answers, incorrectBug Reporting
application-defined dataApplication-defined Data
applyFunction Application
area seriesArea Series
arguments in function callCalling Functions
arithmetic operatorsArithmetic Ops
arithmetic operatorsOperator Overloading
array, creating a Java arrayJava Interface Functions
assignment expressionsAssignment Ops
assignment operatorsAssignment Ops
axes graphics objectGraphics Objects

bar seriesBar Series
batch processingExecutable Octave Programs
block commentsBlock Comments
body of a loopThe while Statement
boolean expressionsBoolean Expressions
boolean expressionsOperator Overloading
boolean operatorsBoolean Expressions
boolean operatorsOperator Overloading
break statementThe break Statement
bug criteriaBug Criteria
bug trackerBug Tracker
bugsReporting Bugs
bugs, investigatingBug Reporting
bugs, knownTrouble
bugs, reportingBug Tracker
bugs, reportingBug Reporting
built-in data typesBuilt-in Data Types

calling Java from OctaveJava Interface
calling Octave from JavaJava Interface
case statementThe switch Statement
catchThe try Statement
cell arraysCell Array Objects
cell arraysCell Arrays
Chained indexingAdvanced Indexing
character stringsString Objects
character stringsStrings
Cholesky factorizationMatrix Factorizations
CitationsCiting Octave in Publications
Citing OctaveCiting Octave in Publications
classes, making available to OctaveMaking Java Classes Available
classpath, adding new pathJava Interface Functions
classpath, difference between static and dynamicMaking Java Classes Available
classpath, displayingJava Interface Functions
classpath, dynamicJava Interface Functions
classpath, dynamicJava Interface Functions
classpath, removing pathJava Interface Functions
classpath, settingMaking Java Classes Available
classpath, staticJava Interface Functions
classpath.txtMaking Java Classes Available
clearing the screenCursor Motion
code profilingProfiling
colors, graphicsColors
comma-separated listsComma-Separated Lists
command and output logsDiary and Echo Commands
command completionCommands for Completion
command descriptionsA Sample Command Description
command echoingDiary and Echo Commands
command historyCommands for History
command optionsCommand Line Options
command-line editingCommand Line Editing
commands functionsCommand Syntax and Function Syntax
comparison expressionsComparison Ops
comparison expressionsOperator Overloading
complex-conjugate transposeArithmetic Ops
complex-conjugate transposeOperator Overloading
Component IndexingIndex Expressions
containersData Containers
continuation linesContinuation Lines
continue statementThe continue Statement
contour seriesContour Groups
contributing to OctaveHow You Can Contribute to Octave
conversion specifications (printf)Formatted Output
conversion specifications (scanf)Formatted Input
copy-on-writeMiscellaneous Techniques
core dumpBug Criteria
COWMiscellaneous Techniques
creating graphics objectsGraphics Objects
cs-listsComma-Separated Lists
customizing readlineCustomizing readline
customizing the promptCustomizing the Prompt

DAEDifferential Equations
data sources in object groupsData Sources in Object Groups
data structuresData Structure Objects
data structuresStructures
data typesData Types
data types, built-inBuilt-in Data Types
data types, user-definedUser-defined Data Types
decrement operatorAssignment Ops
default argumentsDefault Arguments
default graphics propertiesManaging Default Properties
defining functionsFunctions and Scripts
Degree Symbol"tex" interpreter
deprecated functionsObsolete Functions
description formatFormat of Descriptions
diagonal and permutation matricesDiagonal and Permutation Matrices
diagonal matrix expressionsExpressions Involving Diagonal Matrices
dialog, displaying a dialog for selecting directoriesI/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying a dialog for selecting filesI/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying a dialog for storing filesI/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying a font selection dialogI/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying a help dialogI/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying a list dialogI/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying a message dialogI/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying a modal dialogI/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying a question dialogI/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying a warning dialogI/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying an error dialogI/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying an input dialogI/O Dialogs
diary of commands and outputDiary and Echo Commands
differential equationsDifferential Equations
diffs, submittingSending Patches
distribution of OctaveDistribution
divisionArithmetic Ops
divisionOperator Overloading
do-until statementThe do-until Statement
documentation fontsFonts
documentation notationEvaluation Notation
documenting functionsComments and the Help System
documenting Octave programsComments
documenting user scriptsComments and the Help System
Dulmage-Mendelsohn decompositionMathematical Considerations
dynamic classpathMaking Java Classes Available
dynamic classpathJava Interface Functions
dynamic classpath, adding new pathJava Interface Functions
dynamic namingCreating Structures
dynamic-linkingExternal Code Interface
Dynamically Linked FunctionsExternal Code Interface

echoing executing commandsDiary and Echo Commands
editing the command lineCommand Line Editing
element-by-element evaluationElement-by-element Boolean Operators
else statementThe if Statement
elseif statementThe if Statement
end statementStatements
end_try_catchThe try Statement
end_unwind_protectThe unwind_protect Statement
end, indexingIndex Expressions
end: and :endIndex Expressions
endfor statementThe for Statement
endfunction statementDefining Functions
endif statementThe if Statement
endswitch statementThe switch Statement
endwhile statementThe while Statement
equality operatorComparison Ops
equality operatorOperator Overloading
equality, tests forComparison Ops
equality, tests forOperator Overloading
equations, nonlinearNonlinear Equations
erroneous messagesBug Criteria
erroneous resultsBug Criteria
erroneous resultsBug Reporting
error bar seriesError Bar Series
error idsCatching Errors
error message notationError Messages
error messagesErrors
error messages, incorrectBug Criteria
escape sequence notationEscape Sequences in String Constants
evaluation notationEvaluation Notation
executable scriptsExecutable Octave Programs
execution speedMiscellaneous Techniques
exiting octaveRunning Octave
exiting octaveQuitting Octave
exponentiationArithmetic Ops
exponentiationOperator Overloading
expression, rangeRanges
expressions, assignmentAssignment Ops
expressions, booleanBoolean Expressions
expressions, booleanOperator Overloading
expressions, comparisonComparison Ops
expressions, comparisonOperator Overloading
expressions, logicalBoolean Expressions
expressions, logicalOperator Overloading

factorial functionRecursion
fatal signalBug Criteria
field, returning value of Java object fieldJava Interface Functions
field, setting value of Java object fieldJava Interface Functions
fields, displaying available fields of a Java objectJava Interface Functions
figure deletefcnAccess via Handle
figure graphics objectGraphics Objects
finding minimumsMinimizers
finish.mQuitting Octave
flag character (printf)Output Conversion Syntax
flag character (scanf)Input Conversion Syntax
for statementThe for Statement
Frobenius normBasic Matrix Functions
function applicationFunction Application
function descriptionsA Sample Function Description
function fileFunction Files
function handleAccess via Handle
function statementDefining Functions
functions, deprecatedObsolete Functions
functions, obsoleteObsolete Functions
functions, user-definedFunctions and Scripts
funding Octave developmentHow You Can Contribute to Octave

general p-normBasic Matrix Functions
global statementGlobal Variables
global variablesGlobal Variables
GNUTERMCustomizing Toolkit Behavior
grammar rulesGrammar and Parser
graphics colorsColors
graphics data structuresGraphics Data Structures
graphics line stylesLine Styles
graphics marker stylesMarker Styles
graphics object propertiesGraphics Object Properties
graphics object, axesGraphics Objects
graphics object, figureGraphics Objects
graphics object, imageGraphics Objects
graphics object, lightGraphics Objects
graphics object, lineGraphics Objects
graphics object, patchGraphics Objects
graphics object, rootGraphics Objects
graphics object, surfaceGraphics Objects
graphics object, textGraphics Objects
graphics objectsGraphics Objects
graphics objects, savingGraphics Objects
graphics properties, defaultManaging Default Properties
graphics toolkitsGraphics Toolkits
greater than operatorComparison Ops
greater than operatorOperator Overloading
group objectsQuiver Group
group objectsStair Group
group objectsSurface Group

handle functionsGraphics Objects
handle, function handlesFunction Handles and Anonymous Functions
hash tablecontainers.Map
help, onlineGetting Help
help, user-defined functionsComments and the Help System
help, where to findHow To Get Help with Octave
Hermitian operatorArithmetic Ops
Hermitian operatorOperator Overloading
Hessenberg decompositionMatrix Factorizations
history of commandsCommands for History

if statementThe if Statement
image graphics objectGraphics Objects
improving OctaveBug Criteria
improving OctaveSending Patches
incorrect error messagesBug Criteria
incorrect outputBug Criteria
incorrect outputBug Reporting
incorrect resultsBug Criteria
incorrect resultsBug Reporting
increment operatorAssignment Ops
indirect function callAccess via Handle
infinity normBasic Matrix Functions
initializationStartup Files
input conversions, for scanfTable of Input Conversions
input historyCommands for History
~/.inputrcCustomizing readline
installation troubleTrouble
installing OctaveInstallation
instance, creating a Java instanceJava Interface Functions
introduction to graphics structuresIntroduction to Graphics Structures
invalid inputBug Criteria

Java, calling from OctaveJava Interface
Java, using with OctaveJava Interface
javaclasspath.txtMaking Java Classes Available
Jupyter NotebooksJupyter Notebooks

Kendall’s TauCorrelation and Regression Analysis
key/value storecontainers.Map
known causes of troubleTrouble

language definitionGrammar and Parser
less than operatorComparison Ops
less than operatorOperator Overloading
light graphics objectGraphics Objects
line graphics objectGraphics Objects
line seriesLine Series
line styles, graphicsLine Styles
linear algebraLinear Algebra
linear algebra, techniquesTechniques Used for Linear Algebra
Linear IndexingIndex Expressions
loading dataSimple File I/O
local minimumMinimizers
logging commands and outputDiary and Echo Commands
logical expressionsBoolean Expressions
logical expressionsOperator Overloading
Logical IndexingIndex Expressions
logical operatorsBoolean Expressions
logical operatorsOperator Overloading
loopThe while Statement
looping over structure elementsLooping Over Structure Elements
LU decompositionMatrix Factorizations
lvalueAssignment Ops

mapFunction Application
marker styles, graphicsMarker Styles
matching failure, in scanfFormatted Input
matrices, diagonal and permutationDiagonal and Permutation Matrices
matrix factorizationsMatrix Factorizations
matrix functions, basicBasic Matrix Functions
matrix multiplicationArithmetic Ops
matrix multiplicationOperator Overloading
matrix, functions ofFunctions of a Matrix
matrix, permutation functionsPermutation Matrix Functions
matrix, specialized solversSpecialized Solvers
matrix, zero elementsZeros Treatment
maximum field width (scanf)Input Conversion Syntax
memory managementMiscellaneous Techniques
memory, displaying Java memory statusJava Interface Functions
memory, limitations on JVMSet up the JVM
messages, errorErrors
method, invoking a method of a Java objectJava Interface Functions
methods, displaying available methods of a Java objectJava Interface Functions
minimum field width (printf)Output Conversion Syntax
missing dataMissing Data
multi-line commentsBlock Comments
multiplicationArithmetic Ops
multiplicationOperator Overloading

negationArithmetic Ops
negationOperator Overloading
nonlinear equationsNonlinear Equations
nonlinear programmingOptimization
not operatorBoolean Expressions
not operatorOperator Overloading
numeric constantNumeric Objects
numeric constantNumeric Data Types
numeric valueNumeric Objects
numeric valueNumeric Data Types

object groupsObject Groups
object, creating a Java objectJava Interface Functions
obsolete functionsObsolete Functions
Octave and MATLAB, how to distinguish betweenHow to Distinguish Between Octave and Matlab
Octave APIExternal Code Interface
Octave command optionsCommand Line Options
Octave, calling from JavaJava Interface
.octavercCommand Line Options
.octavercStartup Files
~/.octavercCommand Line Options
~/.octavercStartup Files
ODEDifferential Equations
online helpGetting Help
opengl rendering slow windowsHardware vs Software Rendering
opengl single precision date timePrecision issues
operator precedenceOperator Precedence
operators, arithmeticArithmetic Ops
operators, arithmeticOperator Overloading
operators, assignmentAssignment Ops
operators, booleanBoolean Expressions
operators, booleanOperator Overloading
operators, decrementAssignment Ops
operators, incrementAssignment Ops
operators, logicalBoolean Expressions
operators, logicalOperator Overloading
operators, relationalComparison Ops
operators, relationalOperator Overloading
optimizationMiscellaneous Techniques
options, Octave commandCommand Line Options
  --braindeadCommand Line Options
  --built-in-docstrings-file filenameCommand Line Options
  --debugCommand Line Options
  --doc-cache-file filenameCommand Line Options
  --echo-commandsCommand Line Options
  --eval codeCommand Line Options
  --exec-path pathCommand Line Options
  --guiCommand Line Options
  --helpCommand Line Options
  --image-path pathCommand Line Options
  --info-file filenameCommand Line Options
  --info-program programCommand Line Options
  --interactiveCommand Line Options
  --line-editingCommand Line Options
  --no-guiCommand Line Options
  --no-historyCommand Line Options
  --no-init-fileCommand Line Options
  --no-init-pathCommand Line Options
  --no-line-editingCommand Line Options
  --no-site-fileCommand Line Options
  --no-window-systemCommand Line Options
  --norcCommand Line Options
  --path pathCommand Line Options
  --persistCommand Line Options
  --quietCommand Line Options
  --silentCommand Line Options
  --texi-macros-file filenameCommand Line Options
  --traditionalCommand Line Options
  --verboseCommand Line Options
  --versionCommand Line Options
  -dCommand Line Options
  -fCommand Line Options
  -hCommand Line Options
  -HCommand Line Options
  -iCommand Line Options
  -p pathCommand Line Options
  -qCommand Line Options
  -VCommand Line Options
  -vCommand Line Options
  -WCommand Line Options
  -xCommand Line Options
or operatorBoolean Expressions
or operatorOperator Overloading
oregonatorOrdinary Differential Equations
otherwise statementThe switch Statement
output conversions, for printfTable of Output Conversions

patch graphics objectGraphics Objects
patches, submittingSending Patches
path, adding to classpathJava Interface Functions
path, removing from classpathJava Interface Functions
permutation matrix functionsPermutation Matrix Functions
persistent statementPersistent Variables
persistent variablesPersistent Variables
personal startup fileStartup Files
personal startup fileStartup Files
PKG_ADDCreating Packages
PKG_DELCreating Packages
plotting, high-levelHigh-Level Plotting
plotting, multiple plot windowsMultiple Plot Windows
plotting, multiple plots per figureMultiple Plots on One Page
plotting, object manipulationManipulation of Plot Objects
plotting, saving and printing plotsPrinting and Saving Plots
plotting, three-dimensionalThree-Dimensional Plots
plotting, two-dimensional functionsTwo-dimensional Function Plotting
plotting, window manipulationManipulation of Plot Windows
precision (printf)Output Conversion Syntax
printing notationPrinting Notation
printing plotsPrinting and Saving Plots
program, self containedExecutable Octave Programs
Progress BarProgress Bar
project startup fileStartup Files
prompt customizationCustomizing the Prompt
pseudoinverseBasic Matrix Functions
pseudoinverseExpressions Involving Diagonal Matrices

QR factorizationMatrix Factorizations
quadratic programmingOptimization
quitting octaveRunning Octave
quitting octaveQuitting Octave
quiver groupQuiver Group
quotientArithmetic Ops
quotientOperator Overloading

range expressionsRanges
readline customizationCustomizing readline
relational operatorsComparison Ops
relational operatorsOperator Overloading
reporting bugsReporting Bugs
reporting bugsBug Tracker
results, incorrectBug Criteria
results, incorrectBug Reporting
root graphics objectGraphics Objects

saving dataSimple File I/O
saving graphics objectsGraphics Objects
saving plotsPrinting and Saving Plots
Schur decompositionMatrix Factorizations
script filesFunctions and Scripts
scriptsExecutable Octave Programs
select JVM versionSet up the JVM
self contained programsExecutable Octave Programs
series objectsArea Series
series objectsBar Series
series objectsContour Groups
series objectsError Bar Series
series objectsLine Series
series objectsStem Series
short-circuit evaluationShort-circuit Boolean Operators
side effectAssignment Ops
singular value decompositionMatrix Factorizations
site exiting fileQuitting Octave
site startup fileCommand Line Options
site startup fileStartup Files
Spearman’s RhoCorrelation and Regression Analysis
speedupsMiscellaneous Techniques
stair groupStair Group
startupStartup Files
startup filesStartup Files
startup.mStartup Files
static classpathMaking Java Classes Available
static classpathJava Interface Functions
stem seriesStem Series
stringsString Objects
structural rankSparse Linear Algebra
structure elements, looping overLooping Over Structure Elements
structuresData Structure Objects
submitting diffsSending Patches
submitting patchesSending Patches
subtractionArithmetic Ops
subtractionOperator Overloading
suggestionsBug Criteria
surface graphics objectGraphics Objects
surface groupSurface Group
switch statementThe switch Statement

test functionsTest and Demo Functions
tests for equalityComparison Ops
tests for equalityOperator Overloading
text graphics objectGraphics Objects
toolkit customizationCustomizing Toolkit Behavior
toolkits, graphicsGraphics Toolkits
transform groupsTransform Groups
transposeArithmetic Ops
transposeOperator Overloading
transpose, complex-conjugateArithmetic Ops
transpose, complex-conjugateOperator Overloading
try statementThe try Statement

uitable propertiesUitable Properties
unary minusArithmetic Ops
unary minusOperator Overloading
undefined behaviorBug Criteria
undefined function valueBug Criteria
unwind_protect statementThe unwind_protect Statement
unwind_protect_cleanupThe unwind_protect Statement
use of commentsComments
user-defined data typesUser-defined Data Types
user-defined functionsFunctions and Scripts
user-defined variablesVariables
using Octave with JavaJava Interface

validating argumentsValidating Arguments
vararginVariable-length Argument Lists
varargoutVariable-length Return Lists
variable-length argument listsVariable-length Argument Lists
variable-length return listsVariable-length Return Lists
variables, globalGlobal Variables
variables, persistentPersistent Variables
variables, user-definedVariables
vectorizationVectorization and Faster Code Execution
vectorizeVectorization and Faster Code Execution
version startup fileStartup Files

warning idsIssuing Warnings
while statementThe while Statement
wrong answersBug Criteria
wrong answersBug Reporting