Data Sources in Object Groups

All of the group objects contain data source parameters. There are string parameters that contain an expression that is evaluated to update the relevant data property of the group when the refreshdata function is called.

: refreshdata ()
: refreshdata (h)
: refreshdata (h, workspace)

Evaluate any ‘datasource’ properties of the current figure and update the plot if the corresponding data has changed.

If the first argument h is a list of graphic handles, then operate on these objects rather than the current figure returned by gcf.

The optional second argument workspace can take the following values:


Evaluate the datasource properties in the base workspace. (default).


Evaluate the datasource properties in the workspace of the function that called refreshdata.

An example of the use of refreshdata is:

x = 0:0.1:10;
y = sin (x);
plot (x, y, "ydatasource", "y");
for i = 1 : 100
  pause (0.1);
  y = sin (x + 0.1*i);
  refreshdata ();