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#: Single Line Comments
#!: Executable Octave Programs
#{: Block Comments

%: Single Line Comments
%{: Block Comments

--braindead: Command Line Options
--built-in-docstrings-file filename: Command Line Options
--debug: Command Line Options
--debug-jit: Command Line Options
--doc-cache-file filename: Command Line Options
--echo-commands: Command Line Options
--exec-path path: Command Line Options
--force-gui: Command Line Options
--help: Command Line Options
--image-path path: Command Line Options
--info-file filename: Command Line Options
--info-program program: Command Line Options
--interactive: Command Line Options
--jit-compiler: Command Line Options
--line-editing: Command Line Options
--no-gui: Command Line Options
--no-history: Command Line Options
--no-init-file: Command Line Options
--no-init-path: Command Line Options
--no-line-editing: Command Line Options
--no-site-file: Command Line Options
--no-window-system: Command Line Options
--norc: Command Line Options
--path path: Command Line Options
--persist: Command Line Options
--quiet: Command Line Options
--silent: Command Line Options
--texi-macros-file filename: Command Line Options
--traditional: Command Line Options
--verbose: Command Line Options
--version: Command Line Options
-?: Command Line Options
-d: Command Line Options
-f: Command Line Options
-h: Command Line Options
-H: Command Line Options
-i: Command Line Options
-p path: Command Line Options
-q: Command Line Options
-V: Command Line Options
-v: Command Line Options
-x: Command Line Options

... continuation marker: Continuation Lines
.octaverc: Startup Files

:end: Index Expressions

\ continuation marker: Continuation Lines

~/.inputrc: Customizing readline
~/.octaverc: Startup Files

acknowledgements: Acknowledgements
addition: Arithmetic Ops
addition: Operator Overloading
and operator: Boolean Expressions
and operator: Operator Overloading
anonymous functions: Function Handles Anonymous Functions Inline Functions
ans: Variables
answers, incorrect: Bug Criteria
answers, incorrect: Bug Reporting
application-defined data: Application-defined Data
apply: Function Application
area series: Area Series
arguments in function call: Calling Functions
arithmetic operators: Arithmetic Ops
arithmetic operators: Operator Overloading
array, creating a Java array: Java Interface Functions
assignment expressions: Assignment Ops
assignment operators: Assignment Ops
axes activepositionproperty: Axes Properties
axes alim: Axes Properties
axes alimmode: Axes Properties
axes ambientlightcolor: Axes Properties
axes beingdeleted: Axes Properties
axes box: Axes Properties
axes boxstyle: Axes Properties
axes busyaction: Axes Properties
axes buttondownfcn: Axes Properties
axes cameraposition: Axes Properties
axes camerapositionmode: Axes Properties
axes cameratarget: Axes Properties
axes cameratargetmode: Axes Properties
axes cameraupvector: Axes Properties
axes cameraupvectormode: Axes Properties
axes cameraviewangle: Axes Properties
axes cameraviewanglemode: Axes Properties
axes children: Axes Properties
axes clim: Axes Properties
axes climmode: Axes Properties
axes clipping: Axes Properties
axes clippingstyle: Axes Properties
axes color: Axes Properties
axes colororder: Axes Properties
axes colororderindex: Axes Properties
axes createfcn: Axes Properties
axes currentpoint: Axes Properties
axes dataaspectratio: Axes Properties
axes dataaspectratiomode: Axes Properties
axes deletefcn: Axes Properties
axes drawmode: Axes Properties
axes fontangle: Axes Properties
axes fontname: Axes Properties
axes fontsize: Axes Properties
axes fontsmoothing: Axes Properties
axes fontunits: Axes Properties
axes fontweight: Axes Properties
axes graphics object: Graphics Objects
axes gridalpha: Axes Properties
axes gridalphamode: Axes Properties
axes gridcolor: Axes Properties
axes gridcolormode: Axes Properties
axes gridlinestyle: Axes Properties
axes handlevisibility: Axes Properties
axes hittest: Axes Properties
axes interruptible: Axes Properties
axes labelfontsizemultiplier: Axes Properties
axes layer: Axes Properties
axes linestyleorder: Axes Properties
axes linestyleorderindex: Axes Properties
axes linewidth: Axes Properties
axes minorgridalpha: Axes Properties
axes minorgridalphamode: Axes Properties
axes minorgridcolor: Axes Properties
axes minorgridcolormode: Axes Properties
axes minorgridlinestyle: Axes Properties
axes mousewheelzoom: Axes Properties
axes nextplot: Axes Properties
axes outerposition: Axes Properties
axes parent: Axes Properties
axes pickableparts: Axes Properties
axes plotboxaspectratio: Axes Properties
axes plotboxaspectratiomode: Axes Properties
axes position: Axes Properties
axes projection: Axes Properties
axes properties: Axes Properties
axes selected: Axes Properties
axes selectionhighlight: Axes Properties
axes sortmethod: Axes Properties
axes tag: Axes Properties
axes tickdir: Axes Properties
axes tickdirmode: Axes Properties
axes ticklabelinterpreter: Axes Properties
axes ticklength: Axes Properties
axes tightinset: Axes Properties
axes title: Axes Properties
axes titlefontsizemultiplier: Axes Properties
axes titlefontweight: Axes Properties
axes type: Axes Properties
axes uicontextmenu: Axes Properties
axes units: Axes Properties
axes userdata: Axes Properties
axes view: Axes Properties
axes visible: Axes Properties
axes xaxislocation: Axes Properties
axes xcolor: Axes Properties
axes xcolormode: Axes Properties
axes xdir: Axes Properties
axes xgrid: Axes Properties
axes xlabel: Axes Properties
axes xlim: Axes Properties
axes xlimmode: Axes Properties
axes xminorgrid: Axes Properties
axes xminortick: Axes Properties
axes xscale: Axes Properties
axes xtick: Axes Properties
axes xticklabel: Axes Properties
axes xticklabelmode: Axes Properties
axes xticklabelrotation: Axes Properties
axes xtickmode: Axes Properties
axes yaxislocation: Axes Properties
axes ycolor: Axes Properties
axes ycolormode: Axes Properties
axes ydir: Axes Properties
axes ygrid: Axes Properties
axes ylabel: Axes Properties
axes ylim: Axes Properties
axes ylimmode: Axes Properties
axes yminorgrid: Axes Properties
axes yminortick: Axes Properties
axes yscale: Axes Properties
axes ytick: Axes Properties
axes yticklabel: Axes Properties
axes yticklabelmode: Axes Properties
axes yticklabelrotation: Axes Properties
axes ytickmode: Axes Properties
axes zcolor: Axes Properties
axes zcolormode: Axes Properties
axes zdir: Axes Properties
axes zgrid: Axes Properties
axes zlabel: Axes Properties
axes zlim: Axes Properties
axes zlimmode: Axes Properties
axes zminorgrid: Axes Properties
axes zminortick: Axes Properties
axes zscale: Axes Properties
axes ztick: Axes Properties
axes zticklabel: Axes Properties
axes zticklabelmode: Axes Properties
axes zticklabelrotation: Axes Properties
axes ztickmode: Axes Properties
axes __modified__: Axes Properties

bar series: Bar Series
batch processing: Executable Octave Programs
block comments: Block Comments
body of a loop: The while Statement
boolean expressions: Boolean Expressions
boolean expressions: Operator Overloading
boolean operators: Boolean Expressions
boolean operators: Operator Overloading
break statement: The break Statement
broadcast: Broadcasting
broadcasting: Broadcasting
BSX: Broadcasting
bug criteria: Bug Criteria
bug tracker: Bug Tracker
bugs: Reporting Bugs
bugs, investigating: Bug Reporting
bugs, known: Trouble
bugs, reporting: Bug Tracker
bugs, reporting: Bug Reporting
built-in data types: Built-in Data Types
built-in function: A Sample Function Description

callbacks: Callbacks
calling Java from Octave: Java Interface
calling Octave from Java: Java Interface
case statement: The switch Statement
catch: The try Statement
cell arrays: Cell Array Objects
cell arrays: Cell Arrays
character strings: String Objects
character strings: Strings
Cholesky factorization: Matrix Factorizations
Citations: Citing Octave in Publications
Citing Octave: Citing Octave in Publications
classes, making available to Octave: Making Java Classes Available
classpath, adding new path: Java Interface Functions
classpath, difference between static and dynamic: Making Java Classes Available
classpath, displaying: Java Interface Functions
classpath, dynamic: Java Interface Functions
classpath, dynamic: Java Interface Functions
classpath, removing path: Java Interface Functions
classpath, setting: Making Java Classes Available
classpath, static: Java Interface Functions
classpath.txt: Making Java Classes Available
clearing the screen: Cursor Motion
code profiling: Profiling
colors, graphics: Colors
comma separated lists: Comma Separated Lists
command and output logs: Diary and Echo Commands
command completion: Commands for Completion
command descriptions: A Sample Command Description
command echoing: Diary and Echo Commands
command history: Commands for History
command options: Command Line Options
command-line editing: Command Line Editing
comments: Comments
comparison expressions: Comparison Ops
comparison expressions: Operator Overloading
complex-conjugate transpose: Arithmetic Ops
complex-conjugate transpose: Operator Overloading
containers: Data Containers
continuation lines: Continuation Lines
continue statement: The continue Statement
contour series: Contour Groups
contributing to Octave: How You Can Contribute to Octave
contributors: Preface
conversion specifications (printf): Formatted Output
conversion specifications (scanf): Formatted Input
copy-on-write: Miscellaneous Techniques
copyright: Copying
core dump: Bug Criteria
COW: Miscellaneous Techniques
creating graphics objects: Graphics Objects
cs-lists: Comma Separated Lists
customizing readline: Customizing readline
customizing the prompt: Customizing the Prompt

DAE: Differential Equations
data sources in object groups: Data Sources in Object Groups
data structures: Data Structure Objects
data structures: Structures
data types: Data Types
data types, built-in: Built-in Data Types
data types, user-defined: User-defined Data Types
decrement operator: Assignment Ops
default arguments: Default Arguments
default graphics properties: Managing Default Properties
defining functions: Functions and Scripts
deprecated functions: Obsolete Functions
description format: Format of Descriptions
diagonal and permutation matrices: Diagonal and Permutation Matrices
diagonal matrix expressions: Expressions Involving Diagonal Matrices
dialog, displaying a dialog for selecting directories: I/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying a dialog for selecting files: I/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying a dialog for storing files: I/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying a help dialog: I/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying a list dialog: I/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying a message dialog: I/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying a modal dialog: I/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying a question dialog: I/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying a warning dialog: I/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying an error dialog: I/O Dialogs
dialog, displaying an input dialog: I/O Dialogs
diary of commands and output: Diary and Echo Commands
differential equations: Differential Equations
diffs, submitting: Sending Patches
distribution of Octave: Distribution
division: Arithmetic Ops
division: Operator Overloading
do-until statement: The do-until Statement
documentation fonts: Fonts
documentation notation: Evaluation Notation
documenting functions: Comments and the Help System
documenting Octave programs: Comments
documenting user scripts: Comments and the Help System
Dulmage-Mendelsohn decomposition: Mathematical Considerations
dynamic classpath: Java Interface Functions
dynamic classpath: Making Java Classes Available
dynamic classpath, adding new path: Java Interface Functions
dynamic naming: Creating Structures
dynamic-linking: External Code Interface
Dynamically Linked Functions: External Code Interface

echoing executing commands: Diary and Echo Commands
editing the command line: Command Line Editing
element-by-element evaluation: Element-by-element Boolean Operators
else statement: The if Statement
elseif statement: The if Statement
end statement: Statements
end, indexing: Index Expressions
endfor statement: The for Statement
endfunction statement: Defining Functions
endif statement: The if Statement
endswitch statement: The switch Statement
endwhile statement: The while Statement
end_try_catch: The try Statement
end_unwind_protect: The unwind_protect Statement
equality operator: Comparison Ops
equality operator: Operator Overloading
equality, tests for: Comparison Ops
equality, tests for: Operator Overloading
equations, nonlinear: Nonlinear Equations
erroneous messages: Bug Criteria
erroneous results: Bug Criteria
erroneous results: Bug Reporting
error bar series: Error Bar Series
error ids: Catching Errors
error message notation: Error Messages
error messages: Errors
error messages, incorrect: Bug Criteria
escape sequence notation: Escape Sequences in String Constants
evaluation notation: Evaluation Notation
executable scripts: Executable Octave Programs
execution speed: Miscellaneous Techniques
exiting octave: Running Octave
exiting octave: Quitting Octave
exponentiation: Arithmetic Ops
exponentiation: Operator Overloading
expression, range: Ranges
expressions: Expressions
expressions, assignment: Assignment Ops
expressions, boolean: Boolean Expressions
expressions, boolean: Operator Overloading
expressions, comparison: Comparison Ops
expressions, comparison: Operator Overloading
expressions, logical: Boolean Expressions
expressions, logical: Operator Overloading

factorial function: Recursion
fatal signal: Bug Criteria
field, returning value of Java object field: Java Interface Functions
field, setting value of Java object field: Java Interface Functions
fields, displaying available fields of a Java object: Java Interface Functions
figure alphamap: Figure Properties
figure beingdeleted: Figure Properties
figure busyaction: Figure Properties
figure buttondownfcn: Figure Properties
figure children: Figure Properties
figure clipping: Figure Properties
figure closerequestfcn: Figure Properties
figure color: Figure Properties
figure colormap: Figure Properties
figure createfcn: Figure Properties
figure currentaxes: Figure Properties
figure currentcharacter: Figure Properties
figure currentobject: Figure Properties
figure currentpoint: Figure Properties
figure deletefcn: Figure Properties
figure dockcontrols: Figure Properties
figure filename: Figure Properties
figure graphics object: Graphics Objects
figure graphicssmoothing: Figure Properties
figure handlevisibility: Figure Properties
figure hittest: Figure Properties
figure integerhandle: Figure Properties
figure interruptible: Figure Properties
figure inverthardcopy: Figure Properties
figure keypressfcn: Figure Properties
figure keyreleasefcn: Figure Properties
figure menubar: Figure Properties
figure name: Figure Properties
figure nextplot: Figure Properties
figure numbertitle: Figure Properties
figure outerposition: Figure Properties
figure paperorientation: Figure Properties
figure paperposition: Figure Properties
figure paperpositionmode: Figure Properties
figure papersize: Figure Properties
figure papertype: Figure Properties
figure paperunits: Figure Properties
figure parent: Figure Properties
figure pointer: Figure Properties
figure pointershapecdata: Figure Properties
figure pointershapehotspot: Figure Properties
figure position: Figure Properties
figure properties: Figure Properties
figure renderer: Figure Properties
figure renderermode: Figure Properties
figure resize: Figure Properties
figure resizefcn: Figure Properties
figure selected: Figure Properties
figure selectionhighlight: Figure Properties
figure selectiontype: Figure Properties
figure sizechangedfcn: Figure Properties
figure tag: Figure Properties
figure toolbar: Figure Properties
figure type: Figure Properties
figure uicontextmenu: Figure Properties
figure units: Figure Properties
figure userdata: Figure Properties
figure visible: Figure Properties
figure windowbuttondownfcn: Figure Properties
figure windowbuttonmotionfcn: Figure Properties
figure windowbuttonupfcn: Figure Properties
figure windowkeypressfcn: Figure Properties
figure windowkeyreleasefcn: Figure Properties
figure windowscrollwheelfcn: Figure Properties
figure windowstyle: Figure Properties
figure __modified__: Figure Properties
finding minimums: Minimizers
finish.m: Quitting Octave
flag character (printf): Output Conversion Syntax
flag character (scanf): Input Conversion Syntax
for statement: The for Statement
Frobenius norm: Basic Matrix Functions
function application: Function Application
function descriptions: A Sample Function Description
function file: A Sample Function Description
function file: Function Files
function statement: Defining Functions
functions, deprecated: Obsolete Functions
functions, obsolete: Obsolete Functions
functions, user-defined: Functions and Scripts
funding Octave development: How You Can Contribute to Octave

general p-norm: Basic Matrix Functions
global statement: Global Variables
global variables: Global Variables
grammar rules: Grammar and Parser
graphics: Plotting
graphics colors: Colors
graphics data structures: Graphics Data Structures
graphics line styles: Line Styles
graphics marker styles: Marker Styles
graphics object properties: Graphics Object Properties
graphics object, axes: Graphics Objects
graphics object, figure: Graphics Objects
graphics object, image: Graphics Objects
graphics object, light: Graphics Objects
graphics object, line: Graphics Objects
graphics object, patch: Graphics Objects
graphics object, root figure: Graphics Objects
graphics object, surface: Graphics Objects
graphics object, text: Graphics Objects
graphics objects: Graphics Objects
graphics objects, saving: Graphics Objects
graphics properties, default: Managing Default Properties
graphics toolkits: Graphics Toolkits
greater than operator: Comparison Ops
greater than operator: Operator Overloading
group objects: Quiver Group
group objects: Scatter Group
group objects: Stair Group
group objects: Surface Group

handle functions: Graphics Objects
handle, function handles: Function Handles Anonymous Functions Inline Functions
help, online: Getting Help
help, user-defined functions: Comments and the Help System
help, where to find: How To Get Help with Octave
Hermitian operator: Arithmetic Ops
Hermitian operator: Operator Overloading
Hessenberg decomposition: Matrix Factorizations
history: Preface
history of commands: Commands for History

if statement: The if Statement
image alphadata: Image Properties
image alphadatamapping: Image Properties
image beingdeleted: Image Properties
image busyaction: Image Properties
image buttondownfcn: Image Properties
image cdata: Image Properties
image cdatamapping: Image Properties
image children: Image Properties
image clipping: Image Properties
image createfcn: Image Properties
image deletefcn: Image Properties
image displayname: Image Properties
image graphics object: Graphics Objects
image handlevisibility: Image Properties
image hittest: Image Properties
image interruptible: Image Properties
image parent: Image Properties
image properties: Image Properties
image selected: Image Properties
image selectionhighlight: Image Properties
image tag: Image Properties
image type: Image Properties
image uicontextmenu: Image Properties
image userdata: Image Properties
image visible: Image Properties
image xdata: Image Properties
image ydata: Image Properties
image __modified__: Image Properties
improving Octave: Bug Criteria
improving Octave: Sending Patches
incorrect error messages: Bug Criteria
incorrect output: Bug Criteria
incorrect output: Bug Reporting
incorrect results: Bug Criteria
incorrect results: Bug Reporting
increment operator: Assignment Ops
infinity norm: Basic Matrix Functions
initialization: Startup Files
inline, inline functions: Function Handles Anonymous Functions Inline Functions
input conversions, for scanf: Table of Input Conversions
input history: Commands for History
installation trouble: Trouble
installing Octave: Installation
instance, how to create: Creating an Instance of a Java Class
introduction: Introduction
introduction to graphics structures: Introduction to Graphics Structures
invalid input: Bug Criteria

Java, calling from Octave: Java Interface
Java, using with Octave: Java Interface
javaclasspath.txt: Making Java Classes Available

Kendall’s Tau: Correlation and Regression Analysis
keywords: Keywords
known causes of trouble: Trouble

language definition: Grammar and Parser
less than operator: Comparison Ops
less than operator: Operator Overloading
light beingdeleted: Light Properties
light busyaction: Light Properties
light buttondownfcn: Light Properties
light children: Light Properties
light clipping: Light Properties
light color: Light Properties
light createfcn: Light Properties
light deletefcn: Light Properties
light graphics object: Graphics Objects
light handlevisibility: Light Properties
light hittest: Light Properties
light interruptible: Light Properties
light parent: Light Properties
light position: Light Properties
light properties: Light Properties
light selected: Light Properties
light selectionhighlight: Light Properties
light style: Light Properties
light tag: Light Properties
light type: Light Properties
light uicontextmenu: Light Properties
light userdata: Light Properties
light visible: Light Properties
light __modified__: Light Properties
line beingdeleted: Line Properties
line busyaction: Line Properties
line buttondownfcn: Line Properties
line children: Line Properties
line clipping: Line Properties
line color: Line Properties
line createfcn: Line Properties
line deletefcn: Line Properties
line displayname: Line Properties
line graphics object: Graphics Objects
line handlevisibility: Line Properties
line hittest: Line Properties
line interpreter: Line Properties
line interruptible: Line Properties
line linestyle: Line Properties
line linewidth: Line Properties
line marker: Line Properties
line markeredgecolor: Line Properties
line markerfacecolor: Line Properties
line markersize: Line Properties
line parent: Line Properties
line properties: Line Properties
line selected: Line Properties
line selectionhighlight: Line Properties
line series: Line Series
line styles, graphics: Line Styles
line tag: Line Properties
line type: Line Properties
line uicontextmenu: Line Properties
line userdata: Line Properties
line visible: Line Properties
line xdata: Line Properties
line xdatasource: Line Properties
line ydata: Line Properties
line ydatasource: Line Properties
line zdata: Line Properties
line zdatasource: Line Properties
line __modified__: Line Properties
linear algebra: Linear Algebra
linear algebra, techniques: Techniques Used for Linear Algebra
loadable function: A Sample Function Description
loading data: Simple File I/O
local minimum: Minimizers
logging commands and output: Diary and Echo Commands
logical expressions: Boolean Expressions
logical expressions: Operator Overloading
logical operators: Boolean Expressions
logical operators: Operator Overloading
loop: The while Statement
looping over structure elements: Looping Over Structure Elements
LP: Optimization
LU decomposition: Matrix Factorizations
lvalue: Assignment Ops

map: Function Application
mapping function: A Sample Function Description
marker styles, graphics: Marker Styles
matching failure, in scanf: Formatted Input
matrices: Matrices
matrices, diagonal and permutation: Diagonal and Permutation Matrices
matrix factorizations: Matrix Factorizations
matrix functions, basic: Basic Matrix Functions
matrix multiplication: Arithmetic Ops
matrix multiplication: Operator Overloading
matrix, functions of: Functions of a Matrix
matrix, permutation functions: Permutation Matrix Functions
matrix, specialized solvers: Specialized Solvers
matrix, zero elements: Zeros Treatment
maximum field width (scanf): Input Conversion Syntax
memory management: Miscellaneous Techniques
memory, displaying Java memory status: Java Interface Functions
memory, limitations: Handling Java Memory Limitations
messages, error: Errors
method, invoking a method of a Java object: Java Interface Functions
methods, displaying available methods of a Java object: Java Interface Functions
mex: Mex-Files
mex-files: Mex-Files
minimum field width (printf): Output Conversion Syntax
missing data: Missing Data
mkoctfile: Oct-Files
multi-line comments: Block Comments
multiplication: Arithmetic Ops
multiplication: Operator Overloading

negation: Arithmetic Ops
negation: Operator Overloading
NLP: Optimization
nonlinear equations: Nonlinear Equations
nonlinear programming: Optimization
not operator: Boolean Expressions
not operator: Operator Overloading
numeric constant: Numeric Objects
numeric constant: Numeric Data Types
numeric value: Numeric Objects
numeric value: Numeric Data Types

object groups: Object Groups
object, creating a Java object: Java Interface Functions
object, how to create: Creating an Instance of a Java Class
obsolete functions: Obsolete Functions
oct: Oct-Files
oct-files: Oct-Files
Octave and MATLAB, how to distinguish between: How to Distinguish Between Octave and Matlab
Octave API: External Code Interface
Octave command options: Command Line Options
Octave, calling from Java: Java Interface
ODE: Differential Equations
online help: Getting Help
operator precedence: Operator Precedence
operators, arithmetic: Arithmetic Ops
operators, arithmetic: Operator Overloading
operators, assignment: Assignment Ops
operators, boolean: Boolean Expressions
operators, boolean: Operator Overloading
operators, decrement: Assignment Ops
operators, increment: Assignment Ops
operators, logical: Boolean Expressions
operators, logical: Operator Overloading
operators, relational: Comparison Ops
operators, relational: Operator Overloading
optimization: Miscellaneous Techniques
optimization: Optimization
options, Octave command: Command Line Options
or operator: Boolean Expressions
or operator: Operator Overloading
oregonator: Ordinary Differential Equations
otherwise statement: The switch Statement
output conversions, for printf: Table of Output Conversions

parser: Parser
patch alphadatamapping: Patch Properties
patch ambientstrength: Patch Properties
patch backfacelighting: Patch Properties
patch beingdeleted: Patch Properties
patch busyaction: Patch Properties
patch buttondownfcn: Patch Properties
patch cdata: Patch Properties
patch cdatamapping: Patch Properties
patch children: Patch Properties
patch clipping: Patch Properties
patch createfcn: Patch Properties
patch deletefcn: Patch Properties
patch diffusestrength: Patch Properties
patch displayname: Patch Properties
patch edgealpha: Patch Properties
patch edgecolor: Patch Properties
patch edgelighting: Patch Properties
patch facealpha: Patch Properties
patch facecolor: Patch Properties
patch facelighting: Patch Properties
patch facenormals: Patch Properties
patch facenormalsmode: Patch Properties
patch faces: Patch Properties
patch facevertexalphadata: Patch Properties
patch facevertexcdata: Patch Properties
patch graphics object: Graphics Objects
patch handlevisibility: Patch Properties
patch hittest: Patch Properties
patch interpreter: Patch Properties
patch interruptible: Patch Properties
patch linestyle: Patch Properties
patch linewidth: Patch Properties
patch marker: Patch Properties
patch markeredgecolor: Patch Properties
patch markerfacecolor: Patch Properties
patch markersize: Patch Properties
patch parent: Patch Properties
patch properties: Patch Properties
patch selected: Patch Properties
patch selectionhighlight: Patch Properties
patch specularcolorreflectance: Patch Properties
patch specularexponent: Patch Properties
patch specularstrength: Patch Properties
patch tag: Patch Properties
patch type: Patch Properties
patch uicontextmenu: Patch Properties
patch userdata: Patch Properties
patch vertexnormals: Patch Properties
patch vertexnormalsmode: Patch Properties
patch vertices: Patch Properties
patch visible: Patch Properties
patch xdata: Patch Properties
patch ydata: Patch Properties
patch zdata: Patch Properties
patch __modified__: Patch Properties
patches, submitting: Sending Patches
path, adding to classpath: Java Interface Functions
path, removing from classpath: Java Interface Functions
permutation matrix functions: Permutation Matrix Functions
persistent statement: Persistent Variables
persistent variables: Persistent Variables
personal startup file: Startup Files
PKG_ADD: Creating Packages
PKG_DEL: Creating Packages
plotting: Plotting
plotting, high-level: High-Level Plotting
plotting, multiple plot windows: Multiple Plot Windows
plotting, multiple plots per figure: Multiple Plots on One Page
plotting, object manipulation: Manipulation of Plot Objects
plotting, saving and printing plots: Printing and Saving Plots
plotting, three-dimensional: Three-Dimensional Plots
plotting, two-dimensional functions: Two-dimensional Function Plotting
plotting, window manipulation: Manipulation of Plot Windows
precision (printf): Output Conversion Syntax
printing notation: Printing Notation
printing plots: Printing and Saving Plots
profiler: Profiling
program, self contained: Executable Octave Programs
Progress Bar: Progress Bar
project startup file: Startup Files
prompt customization: Customizing the Prompt
pseudoinverse: Basic Matrix Functions
pseudoinverse: Expressions Involving Diagonal Matrices

QP: Optimization
QR factorization: Matrix Factorizations
quadratic programming: Optimization
quitting octave: Running Octave
quitting octave: Quitting Octave
quiver group: Quiver Group
quotient: Arithmetic Ops
quotient: Operator Overloading

range expressions: Ranges
readline customization: Customizing readline
recycling: Broadcasting
relational operators: Comparison Ops
relational operators: Operator Overloading
reporting bugs: Reporting Bugs
reporting bugs: Bug Tracker
results, incorrect: Bug Criteria
results, incorrect: Bug Reporting
root beingdeleted: Root Figure Properties
root busyaction: Root Figure Properties
root buttondownfcn: Root Figure Properties
root callbackobject: Root Figure Properties
root children: Root Figure Properties
root clipping: Root Figure Properties
root commandwindowsize: Root Figure Properties
root createfcn: Root Figure Properties
root currentfigure: Root Figure Properties
root deletefcn: Root Figure Properties
root figure graphics object: Graphics Objects
root figure properties: Root Figure Properties
root fixedwidthfontname: Root Figure Properties
root handlevisibility: Root Figure Properties
root hittest: Root Figure Properties
root interruptible: Root Figure Properties
root monitorpositions: Root Figure Properties
root parent: Root Figure Properties
root pointerlocation: Root Figure Properties
root pointerwindow: Root Figure Properties
root screendepth: Root Figure Properties
root screenpixelsperinch: Root Figure Properties
root screensize: Root Figure Properties
root selected: Root Figure Properties
root selectionhighlight: Root Figure Properties
root showhiddenhandles: Root Figure Properties
root tag: Root Figure Properties
root type: Root Figure Properties
root uicontextmenu: Root Figure Properties
root units: Root Figure Properties
root userdata: Root Figure Properties
root visible: Root Figure Properties
root __modified__: Root Figure Properties

saving data: Simple File I/O
saving graphics objects: Graphics Objects
saving plots: Printing and Saving Plots
scatter group: Scatter Group
Schur decomposition: Matrix Factorizations
script files: Functions and Scripts
scripts: Executable Octave Programs
self contained programs: Executable Octave Programs
series objects: Area Series
series objects: Bar Series
series objects: Contour Groups
series objects: Error Bar Series
series objects: Line Series
series objects: Stem Series
short-circuit evaluation: Short-circuit Boolean Operators
side effect: Assignment Ops
SIMD: Broadcasting
singular value decomposition: Matrix Factorizations
site exiting file: Quitting Octave
site startup file: Startup Files
Spearman’s Rho: Correlation and Regression Analysis
speedups: Miscellaneous Techniques
stair group: Stair Group
startup: Startup Files
startup files: Startup Files
statements: Statements
static classpath: Java Interface Functions
static classpath: Making Java Classes Available
stem series: Stem Series
strings: String Objects
strings: Strings
structural rank: Sparse Linear Algebra
structure elements, looping over: Looping Over Structure Elements
structures: Data Structure Objects
structures: Structures
submitting diffs: Sending Patches
submitting patches: Sending Patches
subtraction: Arithmetic Ops
subtraction: Operator Overloading
suggestions: Bug Criteria
surface alphadata: Surface Properties
surface alphadatamapping: Surface Properties
surface ambientstrength: Surface Properties
surface backfacelighting: Surface Properties
surface beingdeleted: Surface Properties
surface busyaction: Surface Properties
surface buttondownfcn: Surface Properties
surface cdata: Surface Properties
surface cdatamapping: Surface Properties
surface cdatasource: Surface Properties
surface children: Surface Properties
surface clipping: Surface Properties
surface createfcn: Surface Properties
surface deletefcn: Surface Properties
surface diffusestrength: Surface Properties
surface displayname: Surface Properties
surface edgealpha: Surface Properties
surface edgecolor: Surface Properties
surface edgelighting: Surface Properties
surface facealpha: Surface Properties
surface facecolor: Surface Properties
surface facelighting: Surface Properties
surface facenormals: Surface Properties
surface facenormalsmode: Surface Properties
surface graphics object: Graphics Objects
surface group: Surface Group
surface handlevisibility: Surface Properties
surface hittest: Surface Properties
surface interpreter: Surface Properties
surface interruptible: Surface Properties
surface linestyle: Surface Properties
surface linewidth: Surface Properties
surface marker: Surface Properties
surface markeredgecolor: Surface Properties
surface markerfacecolor: Surface Properties
surface markersize: Surface Properties
surface meshstyle: Surface Properties
surface parent: Surface Properties
surface properties: Surface Properties
surface selected: Surface Properties
surface selectionhighlight: Surface Properties
surface specularcolorreflectance: Surface Properties
surface specularexponent: Surface Properties
surface specularstrength: Surface Properties
surface tag: Surface Properties
surface type: Surface Properties
surface uicontextmenu: Surface Properties
surface userdata: Surface Properties
surface vertexnormals: Surface Properties
surface vertexnormalsmode: Surface Properties
surface visible: Surface Properties
surface xdata: Surface Properties
surface xdatasource: Surface Properties
surface ydata: Surface Properties
surface ydatasource: Surface Properties
surface zdata: Surface Properties
surface zdatasource: Surface Properties
surface __modified__: Surface Properties
switch statement: The switch Statement

test functions: Test and Demo Functions
tests for equality: Comparison Ops
tests for equality: Operator Overloading
text backgroundcolor: Text Properties
text beingdeleted: Text Properties
text busyaction: Text Properties
text buttondownfcn: Text Properties
text children: Text Properties
text clipping: Text Properties
text color: Text Properties
text createfcn: Text Properties
text deletefcn: Text Properties
text displayname: Text Properties
text edgecolor: Text Properties
text editing: Text Properties
text extent: Text Properties
text fontangle: Text Properties
text fontname: Text Properties
text fontsize: Text Properties
text fontunits: Text Properties
text fontweight: Text Properties
text graphics object: Graphics Objects
text handlevisibility: Text Properties
text hittest: Text Properties
text horizontalalignment: Text Properties
text interpreter: Text Properties
text interruptible: Text Properties
text linestyle: Text Properties
text linewidth: Text Properties
text margin: Text Properties
text parent: Text Properties
text position: Text Properties
text properties: Text Properties
text rotation: Text Properties
text selected: Text Properties
text selectionhighlight: Text Properties
text string: Text Properties
text tag: Text Properties
text type: Text Properties
text uicontextmenu: Text Properties
text units: Text Properties
text userdata: Text Properties
text verticalalignment: Text Properties
text visible: Text Properties
text __modified__: Text Properties
toolkit customization: Customizing Toolkit Behavior
toolkits, graphics: Graphics Toolkits
transpose: Arithmetic Ops
transpose: Operator Overloading
transpose, complex-conjugate: Arithmetic Ops
transpose, complex-conjugate: Operator Overloading
troubleshooting: Trouble
try statement: The try Statement

uibuttongroup backgroundcolor: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup beingdeleted: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup bordertype: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup borderwidth: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup busyaction: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup buttondownfcn: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup children: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup clipping: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup createfcn: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup deletefcn: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup fontangle: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup fontname: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup fontsize: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup fontunits: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup fontweight: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup foregroundcolor: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup handlevisibility: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup highlightcolor: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup hittest: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup interruptible: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup parent: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup position: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup properties: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup resizefcn: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup selected: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup selectedobject: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup selectionchangedfcn: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup selectionhighlight: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup shadowcolor: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup sizechangedfcn: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup tag: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup title: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup titleposition: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup type: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup uicontextmenu: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup units: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup userdata: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup visible: Uibuttongroup Properties
uibuttongroup __modified__: Uibuttongroup Properties
uicontextmenu beingdeleted: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu busyaction: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu buttondownfcn: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu callback: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu children: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu clipping: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu createfcn: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu deletefcn: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu handlevisibility: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu hittest: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu interruptible: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu parent: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu position: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu properties: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu selected: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu selectionhighlight: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu tag: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu type: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu uicontextmenu: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu userdata: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu visible: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontextmenu __modified__: Uicontextmenu Properties
uicontrol backgroundcolor: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol beingdeleted: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol busyaction: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol buttondownfcn: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol callback: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol cdata: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol children: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol clipping: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol createfcn: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol deletefcn: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol enable: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol extent: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol fontangle: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol fontname: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol fontsize: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol fontunits: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol fontweight: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol foregroundcolor: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol handlevisibility: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol hittest: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol horizontalalignment: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol interruptible: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol keypressfcn: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol listboxtop: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol max: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol min: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol parent: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol position: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol properties: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol selected: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol selectionhighlight: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol sliderstep: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol string: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol style: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol tag: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol tooltipstring: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol type: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol uicontextmenu: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol units: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol userdata: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol value: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol verticalalignment: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol visible: Uicontrol Properties
uicontrol __modified__: Uicontrol Properties
uimenu accelerator: Uimenu Properties
uimenu beingdeleted: Uimenu Properties
uimenu busyaction: Uimenu Properties
uimenu buttondownfcn: Uimenu Properties
uimenu callback: Uimenu Properties
uimenu checked: Uimenu Properties
uimenu children: Uimenu Properties
uimenu clipping: Uimenu Properties
uimenu createfcn: Uimenu Properties
uimenu deletefcn: Uimenu Properties
uimenu enable: Uimenu Properties
uimenu foregroundcolor: Uimenu Properties
uimenu handlevisibility: Uimenu Properties
uimenu hittest: Uimenu Properties
uimenu interruptible: Uimenu Properties
uimenu label: Uimenu Properties
uimenu parent: Uimenu Properties
uimenu position: Uimenu Properties
uimenu properties: Uimenu Properties
uimenu selected: Uimenu Properties
uimenu selectionhighlight: Uimenu Properties
uimenu separator: Uimenu Properties
uimenu tag: Uimenu Properties
uimenu type: Uimenu Properties
uimenu uicontextmenu: Uimenu Properties
uimenu userdata: Uimenu Properties
uimenu visible: Uimenu Properties
uimenu __modified__: Uimenu Properties
uipanel backgroundcolor: Uipanel Properties
uipanel beingdeleted: Uipanel Properties
uipanel bordertype: Uipanel Properties
uipanel borderwidth: Uipanel Properties
uipanel busyaction: Uipanel Properties
uipanel buttondownfcn: Uipanel Properties
uipanel children: Uipanel Properties
uipanel clipping: Uipanel Properties
uipanel createfcn: Uipanel Properties
uipanel deletefcn: Uipanel Properties
uipanel fontangle: Uipanel Properties
uipanel fontname: Uipanel Properties
uipanel fontsize: Uipanel Properties
uipanel fontunits: Uipanel Properties
uipanel fontweight: Uipanel Properties
uipanel foregroundcolor: Uipanel Properties
uipanel handlevisibility: Uipanel Properties
uipanel highlightcolor: Uipanel Properties
uipanel hittest: Uipanel Properties
uipanel interruptible: Uipanel Properties
uipanel parent: Uipanel Properties
uipanel position: Uipanel Properties
uipanel properties: Uipanel Properties
uipanel resizefcn: Uipanel Properties
uipanel selected: Uipanel Properties
uipanel selectionhighlight: Uipanel Properties
uipanel shadowcolor: Uipanel Properties
uipanel tag: Uipanel Properties
uipanel title: Uipanel Properties
uipanel titleposition: Uipanel Properties
uipanel type: Uipanel Properties
uipanel uicontextmenu: Uipanel Properties
uipanel units: Uipanel Properties
uipanel userdata: Uipanel Properties
uipanel visible: Uipanel Properties
uipanel __modified__: Uipanel Properties
uipushtool beingdeleted: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool busyaction: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool buttondownfcn: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool cdata: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool children: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool clickedcallback: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool clipping: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool createfcn: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool deletefcn: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool enable: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool handlevisibility: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool hittest: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool interruptible: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool parent: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool properties: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool selected: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool selectionhighlight: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool separator: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool tag: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool tooltipstring: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool type: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool uicontextmenu: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool userdata: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool visible: Uipushtool Properties
uipushtool __modified__: Uipushtool Properties
uitoggletool beingdeleted: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool busyaction: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool buttondownfcn: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool cdata: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool children: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool clickedcallback: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool clipping: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool createfcn: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool deletefcn: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool enable: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool handlevisibility: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool hittest: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool interruptible: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool offcallback: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool oncallback: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool parent: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool properties: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool selected: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool selectionhighlight: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool separator: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool state: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool tag: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool tooltipstring: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool type: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool uicontextmenu: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool userdata: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool visible: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoggletool __modified__: Uitoggletool Properties
uitoolbar beingdeleted: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar busyaction: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar buttondownfcn: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar children: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar clipping: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar createfcn: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar deletefcn: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar handlevisibility: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar hittest: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar interruptible: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar parent: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar properties: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar selected: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar selectionhighlight: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar tag: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar type: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar uicontextmenu: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar userdata: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar visible: Uitoolbar Properties
uitoolbar __modified__: Uitoolbar Properties
unary minus: Arithmetic Ops
unary minus: Operator Overloading
undefined behavior: Bug Criteria
undefined function value: Bug Criteria
unwind_protect statement: The unwind_protect Statement
unwind_protect_cleanup: The unwind_protect Statement
use of comments: Comments
user-defined data types: User-defined Data Types
user-defined functions: Functions and Scripts
user-defined variables: Variables
using Octave with Java: Java Interface

varargin: Variable-length Argument Lists
varargout: Variable-length Return Lists
variable-length argument lists: Variable-length Argument Lists
variable-length return lists: Variable-length Return Lists
variables, global: Global Variables
variables, persistent: Persistent Variables
variables, user-defined: Variables
vectorization: Vectorization and Faster Code Execution
vectorize: Vectorization and Faster Code Execution
version startup file: Startup Files

warning ids: Issuing Warnings
warranty: Copying
while statement: The while Statement
wrong answers: Bug Criteria
wrong answers: Bug Reporting

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