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The uitoggletool properties are:

__modified__: "off" | {"on"}
beingdeleted: {"off"} | "on"
busyaction: "cancel" | {"queue"}
buttondownfcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)

buttondownfcn is unused.

cdata: def. [](0x0)
children (read-only): vector of graphics handles, def. [](0x1)

Graphics handles of the uitoggletool’s children.

clickedcallback: def. [](0x0)
clipping: "off" | {"on"}

If clipping is "on", the uitoggletool is clipped in its parent axes limits.

createfcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)

Callback function executed immediately after uitoggletool has been created. Function is set by using default property on root object, e.g., set (0, "defaultuitoggletoolcreatefcn", 'disp ("uitoggletool created!")').

deletefcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)

Callback function executed immediately before uitoggletool is deleted.

enable: "off" | {"on"}
handlevisibility: "callback" | "off" | {"on"}

If handlevisibility is "off", the uitoggletool’s handle is not visible in its parent’s "children" property.

hittest: "off" | {"on"}
interruptible: "off" | {"on"}
offcallback: def. [](0x0)
oncallback: def. [](0x0)
parent: graphics handle

Handle of the parent graphics object.

selected: {"off"} | "on"
selectionhighlight: "off" | {"on"}
separator: {"off"} | "on"
state: {"off"} | "on"
tag: string, def. ""

A user-defined string to label the graphics object.

tooltipstring: def. ""
type (read-only): string

Class name of the graphics object. type is always "uitoggletool"

uicontextmenu: graphics handle, def. [](0x0)

Graphics handle of the uicontextmenu object that is currently associated to this uitoggletool object.

userdata: Any Octave data, def. [](0x0)

User-defined data to associate with the graphics object.

visible: "off" | {"on"}

If visible is "off", the uitoggletool is not rendered on screen.

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