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32.4 Plotting on top of Images

If gnuplot is being used to display images it is possible to plot on top of images. Since an image is a matrix it is indexed by row and column values. The plotting system is, however, based on the traditional (x, y) system. To minimize the difference between the two systems Octave places the origin of the coordinate system in the point corresponding to the pixel at (1, 1). So, to plot points given by row and column values on top of an image, one should simply call plot with the column values as the first argument and the row values as the second. As an example the following code generates an image with random intensities between 0 and 1, and shows the image with red circles over pixels with an intensity above 0.99.

I = rand (100, 100);
[row, col] = find (I > 0.99);
hold ("on");
imshow (I);
plot (col, row, "ro");
hold ("off");