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37.3.5 Which TeX symbols are implemented in dialog functions?

The dialog functions contain a translation table for TeX like symbol codes. Thus messages and labels can be tailored to show some common mathematical symbols or Greek characters. No further TeX formatting codes are supported. The characters are translated to their Unicode equivalent. However, not all characters may be displayable on your system. This depends on the font used by the Java system on your computer.

Each TeX symbol code must be terminated by a space character to make it distinguishable from the surrounding text. Therefore the string ‘\alpha =12.0’ will produce the desired result, whereas ‘\alpha=12.0’ would produce the literal text ’\alpha=12.0’.

See also: errordlg, helpdlg, inputdlg, listdlg, msgbox, questdlg, warndlg.

The table below shows each TeX character code and the corresponding Unicode character:


Table: TeX character codes and the resulting symbols.

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