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The figure properties are:

__modified__: "off" | {"on"}
alphamap: def. 64-by-1 double

Transparency is not yet implemented for figure objects. alphamap is unused.

beingdeleted: {"off"} | "on"
busyaction: "cancel" | {"queue"}
buttondownfcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)
children (read-only): vector of graphics handles, def. [](0x1)

Graphics handles of the figure’s children.

clipping: "off" | {"on"}

clipping is unused.

closerequestfcn: string | function handle, def. "closereq"
color: colorspec, def. [1 1 1]

Color of the figure background. See colorspec.

colormap: N-by-3 matrix, def. 64-by-3 double

A matrix containing the RGB color map for the current axes.

createfcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)

Callback function executed immediately after figure has been created. Function is set by using default property on root object, e.g., set (0, "defaultfigurecreatefcn", 'disp ("figure created!")').

currentaxes: graphics handle, def. [](0x0)

Handle to the graphics object of the current axes.

currentcharacter (read-only): def. ""

currentcharacter is unused.

currentobject (read-only): graphics handle, def. [](0x0)
currentpoint (read-only): two-element vector, def. [0; 0]

A 1-by-2 matrix which holds the coordinates of the point over which the mouse pointer was when a mouse event occurred. The X and Y coordinates are in units defined by the figure’s units property and their origin is the lower left corner of the plotting area.

Events which set currentpoint are

A mouse button was pressed


A mouse button was released

only if the figure’s callback windowbuttonupfcn is defined

The pointer was moved while pressing the mouse button (drag)

only if the figure’s callback windowbuttonmotionfcn is defined

deletefcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)

Callback function executed immediately before figure is deleted.

dockcontrols: {"off"} | "on"

dockcontrols is unused.

doublebuffer: "off" | {"on"}
filename: string, def. ""

The filename used when saving the plot figure

handlevisibility: "callback" | "off" | {"on"}

If handlevisibility is "off", the figure’s handle is not visible in its parent’s "children" property.

hittest: "off" | {"on"}
integerhandle: "off" | {"on"}

Assign the next lowest unused integer as the Figure number.

interruptible: "off" | {"on"}
inverthardcopy: {"off"} | "on"
keypressfcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)
keyreleasefcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)

With keypressfcn, the keyboard callback functions. These callback functions are called when a key is pressed/released respectively. The functions are called with two input arguments. The first argument holds the handle of the calling figure. The second argument holds an event structure which has the following members:


The ASCII value of the key


Lowercase value of the key


A cell array containing strings representing the modifiers pressed with the key.

menubar: {"figure"} | "none"

Control the display of the figure menu bar in the upper left of the figure.

mincolormap: def. 64
name: string, def. ""

Name to be displayed in the figure title bar. The name is displayed to the right of any title determined by the numbertitle property.

nextplot: {"add"} | "new" | "replace" | "replacechildren"
numbertitle: "off" | {"on"}

Display "Figure" followed by the numerical figure handle value in the figure title bar.

outerposition: four-element vector, def. [-1 -1 -1 -1]
paperorientation: "landscape" | {"portrait"} | "rotated"
paperposition: four-element vector, def. [0.25000 2.50000 8.00000 6.00000]

Vector [x0 y0 width height] defining the position of the figure (in paperunits units) on the printed page. Setting paperposition also forces the paperpositionmode property to be set to "manual".

paperpositionmode: "auto" | {"manual"}

If paperpositionmode is set to "auto", the paperposition property is automatically computed: the printed figure will have the same size as the on-screen figure and will be centered on the output page.

papersize: two-element vector, def. [8.5000 11.0000]

Vector [width height] defining the size of the paper for printing. Setting this property forces the papertype property to be set to "<custom>".

papertype: "<custom>" | "a" | "a0" | "a1" | "a2" | "a3" | "a4" | "a5" | "arch-a" | "arch-b" | "arch-c" | "arch-d" | "arch-e" | "b" | "b0" | "b1" | "b2" | "b3" | "b4" | "b5" | "c" | "d" | "e" | "tabloid" | "uslegal" | {"usletter"}

Name of the paper used for printed output. Setting papertype also changes papersize accordingly.

paperunits: "centimeters" | {"inches"} | "normalized" | "points"

The unit used to compute the paperposition property.

parent: graphics handle, def. 0

Handle of the parent graphics object.

pointer: {"arrow"} | "botl" | "botr" | "bottom" | "circle" | "cross" | "crosshair" | "custom" | "fleur" | "fullcrosshair" | "hand" | "ibeam" | "left" | "right" | "top" | "topl" | "topr" | "watch"

pointer is unused.

pointershapecdata: def. 16-by-16 double

pointershapecdata is unused.

pointershapehotspot: def. [0 0]

pointershapehotspot is unused.

position: four-element vector, def. [300 200 560 420]
renderer: "none" | "opengl" | {"painters"} | "zbuffer"
renderermode: {"auto"} | "manual"
resize: "off" | {"on"}
resizefcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)
selected: {"off"} | "on"
selectionhighlight: "off" | {"on"}
selectiontype: "alt" | "extend" | {"normal"} | "open"

selectiontype is unused.

tag: string, def. ""

A user-defined string to label the graphics object.

toolbar: {"auto"} | "figure" | "none"

toolbar is unused.

type (read-only): string

Class name of the graphics object. type is always "figure"

uicontextmenu: graphics handle, def. [](0x0)

Graphics handle of the uicontextmenu object that is currently associated to this figure object.

units: "centimeters" | "characters" | "inches" | "normalized" | {"pixels"} | "points"

The unit used to compute the position and outerposition properties.

userdata: Any Octave data, def. [](0x0)

User-defined data to associate with the graphics object.

visible: "off" | {"on"}

If visible is "off", the figure is not rendered on screen.

windowbuttondownfcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)

See windowbuttonupfcn property.

windowbuttonmotionfcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)

See windowbuttonupfcn property.

windowbuttonupfcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)

With windowbuttondownfcn and windowbuttonmotionfcn, the mouse callback functions. These callback functions are called when a mouse button is pressed, dragged, or released respectively. When these callback functions are executed, the currentpoint property holds the current coordinates of the cursor.

windowkeypressfcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)
windowkeyreleasefcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)
windowscrollwheelfcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)
windowstyle: "docked" | "modal" | {"normal"}
wvisual: def. ""
wvisualmode: {"auto"} | "manual"
xdisplay: def. ""
xvisual: def. ""
xvisualmode: {"auto"} | "manual"

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