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33.2 Audio Device Information

Loadable Function: devinfo = audiodevinfo ()
Loadable Function: devs = audiodevinfo (io)
Loadable Function: name = audiodevinfo (io, id)
Loadable Function: id = audiodevinfo (io, name)
Loadable Function: id = audiodevinfo (io, rate, bits, chans)
Loadable Function: supports = audiodevinfo (io, id, rate, bits, chans)

Return a structure describing the available audio input and output devices.

The devinfo structure has two fields "input" and "output". The value of each field is a structure array with fields "Name", "DriverVersion" and "ID" describing an audio device.

If the optional argument io is 1, return information about input devices only. If it is 0, return information about output devices only.

If the optional argument id is provided, return information about the corresponding device.

If the optional argument name is provided, return the id of the named device.

Given a sampling rate, bits per sample, and number of channels for an input or output device, return the ID of the first device that supports playback or recording using the specified parameters.

If also given a device ID, return true if the device supports playback or recording using those parameters.