Using Publishing Markup in Script Files

To use Publishing Markup, start by typing ‘##’ or ‘%%’ at the beginning of a new line. For MATLAB compatibility ‘%%%’ is treated the same way as ‘%%’.

The lines following ‘##’ or ‘%%’ start with one of either ‘#’ or ‘%’ followed by at least one space. These lines are interpreted as section. A section ends at the first line not starting with ‘#’ or ‘%’, or when the end of the document is reached.

A section starting in the first line of the document, followed by another start of a section that might be empty, is interpreted as a document title and introduction text.

See the example below for clarity:

%% Headline title
% Some *bold*, _italic_, or |monospaced| Text with
% a <https://www.octave.org link to GNU Octave>.

# "Real" Octave commands to be evaluated
sombrero ()

## Octave comment style supported as well
# * Bulleted list item 1
# * Bulleted list item 2
# # Numbered list item 1
# # Numbered list item 2