33.4.2 Data Retrieval

The following methods allow you to retrieve recorded audio data in various ways.

: data = getaudiodata (recorder)
: data = getaudiodata (recorder, datatype)

Return audio data from audiorecorder object recorder as a double matrix with values between -1.0 and 1.0 and with as many columns as there are channels in recorder.

Given the optional argument datatype, convert the recorded data to the specified type, which may be one of "double", "single", "int16", "int8" or "uint8".

See also: @audiorecorder/audiorecorder.

: player = getplayer (recorder)

Return an audioplayer object with data recorded by the audiorecorder object recorder.

See also: @audioplayer/audioplayer, @audiorecorder/audiorecorder.

: player = play (recorder)
: player = play (recorder, start)
: player = play (recorder, [start, end])

Play the audio recorded in recorder without blocking and return a corresponding audioplayer object.

If the optional argument start is provided, begin playing start seconds into the recording.

If the optional argument end is provided, stop playing at end seconds into the recording.

See also: @audiorecorder/getplayer, @audioplayer/audioplayer, @audiorecorder/audiorecorder.