33.4.3 Properties

The remaining two methods allow you to read or alter the properties of audiorecorder objects.

: value = get (recorder, name)
: values = get (recorder, {name1, name2, …})
: values = get (recorder)

Return the value of the property identified by name.

If name is a cell array return the values of the properties identified by the elements of the cell array. Given only the recorder object, return a scalar structure with values for all properties of recorder. The field names of the structure correspond to the property names.

See also: @audiorecorder/set, @audiorecorder/audiorecorder.

: set (recorder, name, value)
: set (recorder, name_cell, value_cell)
: set (recorder, properties_struct)
: properties = set (recorder)

Set the value of property specified by name to a given value.

If name and value are cell arrays, set each property to a corresponding value. Given a structure of properties with fields corresponding to property names, set the value of those properties to the corresponding field values. Given only a recorder object, return a structure of configurable properties (i.e., writeable properties).

See also: @audiorecorder/get, @audiorecorder/audiorecorder.