GNU Octave  4.0.0
A high-level interpreted language, primarily intended for numerical computations, mostly compatible with Matlab
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tree_walker Class Referenceabstract

#include "pt-walk.h"

Inheritance diagram for tree_walker:
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Public Member Functions

virtual void visit_anon_fcn_handle (tree_anon_fcn_handle &)=0
virtual void visit_argument_list (tree_argument_list &)=0
virtual void visit_binary_expression (tree_binary_expression &)=0
virtual void visit_break_command (tree_break_command &)=0
virtual void visit_cell (tree_cell &)=0
virtual void visit_classdef (tree_classdef &)
virtual void visit_classdef_attribute (tree_classdef_attribute &)
virtual void visit_classdef_attribute_list (tree_classdef_attribute_list &)
virtual void visit_classdef_body (tree_classdef_body &)
virtual void visit_classdef_enum (tree_classdef_enum &)
virtual void visit_classdef_enum_block (tree_classdef_enum_block &)
virtual void visit_classdef_enum_list (tree_classdef_enum_list &)
virtual void visit_classdef_event (tree_classdef_event &)
virtual void visit_classdef_events_block (tree_classdef_events_block &)
virtual void visit_classdef_events_list (tree_classdef_events_list &)
virtual void visit_classdef_methods_block (tree_classdef_methods_block &)
virtual void visit_classdef_methods_list (tree_classdef_methods_list &)
virtual void visit_classdef_properties_block (tree_classdef_properties_block &)
virtual void visit_classdef_property (tree_classdef_property &)
virtual void visit_classdef_property_list (tree_classdef_property_list &)
virtual void visit_classdef_superclass (tree_classdef_superclass &)
virtual void visit_classdef_superclass_list (tree_classdef_superclass_list &)
virtual void visit_colon_expression (tree_colon_expression &)=0
virtual void visit_complex_for_command (tree_complex_for_command &)=0
virtual void visit_constant (tree_constant &)=0
virtual void visit_continue_command (tree_continue_command &)=0
virtual void visit_decl_elt (tree_decl_elt &)=0
virtual void visit_decl_init_list (tree_decl_init_list &)=0
virtual void visit_do_until_command (tree_do_until_command &)=0
virtual void visit_fcn_handle (tree_fcn_handle &)=0
virtual void visit_funcall (tree_funcall &)=0
virtual void visit_function_def (tree_function_def &)=0
virtual void visit_global_command (tree_global_command &)=0
virtual void visit_identifier (tree_identifier &)=0
virtual void visit_if_clause (tree_if_clause &)=0
virtual void visit_if_command (tree_if_command &)=0
virtual void visit_if_command_list (tree_if_command_list &)=0
virtual void visit_index_expression (tree_index_expression &)=0
virtual void visit_matrix (tree_matrix &)=0
virtual void visit_multi_assignment (tree_multi_assignment &)=0
virtual void visit_no_op_command (tree_no_op_command &)=0
virtual void visit_octave_user_function (octave_user_function &)=0
virtual void visit_octave_user_script (octave_user_script &)=0
virtual void visit_parameter_list (tree_parameter_list &)=0
virtual void visit_persistent_command (tree_persistent_command &)=0
virtual void visit_postfix_expression (tree_postfix_expression &)=0
virtual void visit_prefix_expression (tree_prefix_expression &)=0
virtual void visit_return_command (tree_return_command &)=0
virtual void visit_return_list (tree_return_list &)=0
virtual void visit_simple_assignment (tree_simple_assignment &)=0
virtual void visit_simple_for_command (tree_simple_for_command &)=0
virtual void visit_statement (tree_statement &)=0
virtual void visit_statement_list (tree_statement_list &)=0
virtual void visit_switch_case (tree_switch_case &)=0
virtual void visit_switch_case_list (tree_switch_case_list &)=0
virtual void visit_switch_command (tree_switch_command &)=0
virtual void visit_try_catch_command (tree_try_catch_command &)=0
virtual void visit_unwind_protect_command (tree_unwind_protect_command &)=0
virtual void visit_while_command (tree_while_command &)=0

Protected Member Functions

 tree_walker (void)
virtual ~tree_walker (void)

Private Member Functions

 tree_walker (const tree_walker &)
tree_walkeroperator= (const tree_walker &)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 87 of file pt-walk.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tree_walker::tree_walker ( void  )

Definition at line 271 of file pt-walk.h.

virtual tree_walker::~tree_walker ( void  )

Definition at line 273 of file pt-walk.h.

tree_walker::tree_walker ( const tree_walker )

Member Function Documentation

tree_walker& tree_walker::operator= ( const tree_walker )
virtual void tree_walker::visit_anon_fcn_handle ( tree_anon_fcn_handle )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_argument_list ( tree_argument_list )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_binary_expression ( tree_binary_expression )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_break_command ( tree_break_command )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_cell ( tree_cell )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_classdef ( tree_classdef )

Definition at line 267 of file pt-walk.h.

Referenced by tree_classdef::accept().

virtual void tree_walker::visit_classdef_attribute ( tree_classdef_attribute )

Definition at line 219 of file pt-walk.h.

Referenced by tree_classdef_attribute::accept().

virtual void tree_walker::visit_classdef_attribute_list ( tree_classdef_attribute_list )

Definition at line 222 of file pt-walk.h.

Referenced by tree_classdef_attribute_list::accept().

virtual void tree_walker::visit_classdef_body ( tree_classdef_body )

Definition at line 264 of file pt-walk.h.

virtual void tree_walker::visit_classdef_enum ( tree_classdef_enum )

Definition at line 255 of file pt-walk.h.

Referenced by tree_classdef_enum::accept().

virtual void tree_walker::visit_classdef_enum_block ( tree_classdef_enum_block )

Definition at line 261 of file pt-walk.h.

Referenced by tree_classdef_enum_block::accept().

virtual void tree_walker::visit_classdef_enum_list ( tree_classdef_enum_list )

Definition at line 258 of file pt-walk.h.

Referenced by tree_classdef_enum_list::accept().

virtual void tree_walker::visit_classdef_event ( tree_classdef_event )

Definition at line 246 of file pt-walk.h.

Referenced by tree_classdef_event::accept().

virtual void tree_walker::visit_classdef_events_block ( tree_classdef_events_block )

Definition at line 252 of file pt-walk.h.

Referenced by tree_classdef_events_block::accept().

virtual void tree_walker::visit_classdef_events_list ( tree_classdef_events_list )

Definition at line 249 of file pt-walk.h.

Referenced by tree_classdef_events_list::accept().

virtual void tree_walker::visit_classdef_methods_block ( tree_classdef_methods_block )

Definition at line 243 of file pt-walk.h.

Referenced by tree_classdef_methods_block::accept().

virtual void tree_walker::visit_classdef_methods_list ( tree_classdef_methods_list )

Definition at line 240 of file pt-walk.h.

Referenced by tree_classdef_methods_list::accept().

virtual void tree_walker::visit_classdef_properties_block ( tree_classdef_properties_block )

Definition at line 237 of file pt-walk.h.

Referenced by tree_classdef_properties_block::accept().

virtual void tree_walker::visit_classdef_property ( tree_classdef_property )

Definition at line 231 of file pt-walk.h.

Referenced by tree_classdef_property::accept().

virtual void tree_walker::visit_classdef_property_list ( tree_classdef_property_list )

Definition at line 234 of file pt-walk.h.

Referenced by tree_classdef_property_list::accept().

virtual void tree_walker::visit_classdef_superclass ( tree_classdef_superclass )

Definition at line 225 of file pt-walk.h.

Referenced by tree_classdef_superclass::accept().

virtual void tree_walker::visit_classdef_superclass_list ( tree_classdef_superclass_list )

Definition at line 228 of file pt-walk.h.

Referenced by tree_classdef_superclass_list::accept().

virtual void tree_walker::visit_colon_expression ( tree_colon_expression )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_complex_for_command ( tree_complex_for_command )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_constant ( tree_constant )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_continue_command ( tree_continue_command )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_decl_elt ( tree_decl_elt )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_decl_init_list ( tree_decl_init_list )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_do_until_command ( tree_do_until_command )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_fcn_handle ( tree_fcn_handle )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_funcall ( tree_funcall )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_function_def ( tree_function_def )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_global_command ( tree_global_command )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_identifier ( tree_identifier )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_if_clause ( tree_if_clause )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_if_command ( tree_if_command )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_if_command_list ( tree_if_command_list )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_index_expression ( tree_index_expression )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_matrix ( tree_matrix )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_multi_assignment ( tree_multi_assignment )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_no_op_command ( tree_no_op_command )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_octave_user_function ( octave_user_function )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_octave_user_script ( octave_user_script )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_parameter_list ( tree_parameter_list )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_persistent_command ( tree_persistent_command )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_postfix_expression ( tree_postfix_expression )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_prefix_expression ( tree_prefix_expression )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_return_command ( tree_return_command )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_return_list ( tree_return_list )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_simple_assignment ( tree_simple_assignment )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_simple_for_command ( tree_simple_for_command )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_statement ( tree_statement )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_statement_list ( tree_statement_list )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_switch_case ( tree_switch_case )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_switch_case_list ( tree_switch_case_list )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_switch_command ( tree_switch_command )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_try_catch_command ( tree_try_catch_command )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_unwind_protect_command ( tree_unwind_protect_command )
pure virtual
virtual void tree_walker::visit_while_command ( tree_while_command )
pure virtual

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