GNU Octave  3.8.0
A high-level interpreted language, primarily intended for numerical computations, mostly compatible with Matlab
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Functions File Reference
#include <sstream>
#include "Cell.h"
#include "defun-dld.h"
#include "error.h"
#include "oct-obj.h"
#include "parse.h"
#include "unwind-prot.h"
#include "oct-qhull.h"
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static void close_fcn (FILE *f)
 DEFUN_DLD (convhulln, args, nargout,"-*- texinfo -*-\n\ @deftypefn {Loadable Function} {@var{h} =} convhulln (@var{pts})\n\ @deftypefnx {Loadable Function} {@var{h} =} convhulln (@var{pts}, @var{options})\n\ @deftypefnx {Loadable Function} {[@var{h}, @var{v}] =} convhulln (@dots{})\n\ Compute the convex hull of the set of points @var{pts} which is a matrix\n\ of size [n, dim] containing n points in a space of dimension dim.\n\ The hull @var{h} is an index vector into the set of points and specifies\n\ which points form the enclosing hull.\n\ \n\ An optional second argument, which must be a string or cell array of strings,\n\ contains options passed to the underlying qhull command.\n\ See the documentation for the Qhull library for details\n\ @url{}.\n\ The default options depend on the dimension of the input:\n\ \n\ @itemize\n\ @item 2D, 3D, 4D: @var{options} = @code{@{\"Qt\"@}}\n\ \n\ @item 5D and higher: @var{options} = @code{@{\"Qt\", \"Qx\"@}}\n\ @end itemize\n\ \n\ If @var{options} is not present or @code{[]} then the default arguments are\n\ used. Otherwise, @var{options} replaces the default argument list.\n\ To append user options to the defaults it is necessary to repeat the\n\ default arguments in @var{options}. Use a null string to pass no arguments.\n\ \n\ If the second output @var{v} is requested the volume of the enclosing\n\ convex hull is calculated.\n\n\ @seealso{convhull, delaunayn, voronoin}\n\ @end deftypefn")
static bool octave_qhull_dims_ok (octave_idx_type dim, octave_idx_type n, const char *who)

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static void close_fcn ( FILE *  f)

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DEFUN_DLD ( convhulln  ,
args  ,
static bool octave_qhull_dims_ok ( octave_idx_type  dim,
octave_idx_type  n,
const char who 

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