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15.4.8 Graphics Toolkits

name = graphics_toolkit ()
name = graphics_toolkit (hlist)
graphics_toolkit (name)
graphics_toolkit (hlist, name)

Query or set the default graphics toolkit which is assigned to new figures.

With no inputs, return the current default graphics toolkit. If the input is a list of figure graphic handles, hlist, then return the name of the graphics toolkit in use for each figure.

When called with a single input name set the default graphics toolkit to name. If the toolkit is not already loaded, it is initialized by calling the function __init_name__. If the first input is a list of figure handles, hlist, then the graphics toolkit is set to name for these figures only.

See also: available_graphics_toolkits.

available_graphics_toolkits ()

Return a cell array of registered graphics toolkits.

See also: graphics_toolkit, register_graphics_toolkit.

loaded_graphics_toolkits ()

Return a cell array of the currently loaded graphics toolkits.

See also: available_graphics_toolkits.

register_graphics_toolkit (toolkit)

List toolkit as an available graphics toolkit.

See also: available_graphics_toolkits.