Root Properties

Properties of the root graphics object:


Callback Execution | Command Window Display | Mouse Interaction | Object Identification | Parent/Children | Pointer Information | Screen Information | Unused

Callback Execution

callbackobject (read-only): graphics handle, def. [](0x0)

Graphics handle of the current object whose callback is executing.

Command Window Display

commandwindowsize (read-only): two-element vector, def. [0 0]

The number of columns and rows displayed in a newly created command window.

fixedwidthfontname: string, def. "Courier"

Name of the fixed-width font that will be used for graphics objects when the "fontname" property is set to "FixedWidth".

Mouse Interaction

contextmenu: graphics handle, def. [](0x0)

Graphics handle of the uicontextmenu object that is currently associated to this root object.

Object Identification

currentfigure: graphics handle, def. [](0x0)

Graphics handle of the current figure.

tag: string, def. ""

A user-defined string to label the graphics object.

type (read-only): string

Class name of the graphics object. type is always "root".

userdata: Any Octave data, def. [](0x0)

User-defined data to associate with the graphics object.


children (read-only): vector of graphics handles, def. [](0x1)

Graphics handles of the root’s children.

handlevisibility: "callback" | "off" | {"on"}

The root object handle is always visible. Changing this setting to "callback" or "off" has no effect.

parent: graphics handle, def. [](0x0)

Root object has no parent graphics object. parent is always empty.

showhiddenhandles: {"off"} | "on"

If showhiddenhandles is "on", all graphics objects handles are visible in their parents’ children list, regardless of the value of their handlevisibility property.

Pointer Information

pointerlocation: two-element vector, def. [0 0]

Global pointer location tracking is not yet implemented for root objects. pointerlocation is unused. pointerlocation for root objects will always be [0 0].

pointerwindow (read-only): graphics handle, def. 0

Pointer window tracking is not yet implemented for root objects. pointerwindow is unused. pointerwindow value for root objects will always be 0.

Screen Information

monitorpositions (read-only): four-element vector

Reports the width and height of connected monitors. Note: Octave only partially implements monitorpositions. Only information about the primary monitor is stored in monitorpositions which is the same information stored in the "screensize" property.

screendepth (read-only): double

Color depth in bits per pixel of the display.

screenpixelsperinch (read-only): double

The screen resolution of the primary display in units of pixels per inch.

screensize (read-only): four-element vector

Size of the primary display represented as the four-element vector [left, bottom, width, height].

units: "centimeters" | "characters" | "inches" | "normalized" | {"pixels"} | "points"

The unit type used for the "monitorpositions", "pointerlocation", and "screensize" properties.


beingdeleted: {"off"} | "on"

beingdeleted is unused.

busyaction: "cancel" | {"queue"}

busyaction is unused.

buttondownfcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)

buttondownfcn is unused.

clipping: "off" | {"on"}

clipping is unused.

createfcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)

createfcn is unused.

deletefcn: string | function handle, def. [](0x0)

deletefcn is unused.

hittest: "off" | {"on"}

hittest is unused.

interruptible: "off" | {"on"}

interruptible is unused.

pickableparts: "all" | "none" | {"visible"}

pickableparts is unused.

selected: {"off"} | "on"

selected is unused.

selectionhighlight: "off" | {"on"}

selectionhighlight is unused.

visible: "off" | {"on"}

visible is unused.