11.10.7 Function Precedence

Given the numerous different ways that Octave can define a function, it is possible and even likely that multiple versions of a function, might be defined within a particular scope. The precedence of which function will be used within a particular scope is given by

  1. Subfunction A subfunction with the required function name in the given scope.
  2. Private function A function defined within a private directory of the directory which contains the current function.
  3. Class constructor A function that constructs a user class as defined in chapter Object Oriented Programming.
  4. Class method An overloaded function of a class as in chapter Object Oriented Programming.
  5. Command-line Function A function that has been defined on the command-line.
  6. Autoload function A function that is marked as autoloaded with See autoload.
  7. A Function on the Path A function that can be found on the users load-path. There can also be Oct-file, mex-file or m-file versions of this function and the precedence between these versions are in that order.
  8. Built-in function A function that is a part of core Octave such as numel, size, etc.