15.4.1 Colors

Colors may be specified in three ways: 1) RGB triplets, 2) by name, or 3) by HTML notation.

RGB triplet

An RGB triplet is a 1x3 vector where each value is between 0 and 1 inclusive. The first value represents the percentage of Red, the second value the percentage of Green, and the third value the percentage of Blue. For example, [1, 0, 1] represents full Red and Blue channels resulting in the color magenta.

short or long name

Eight colors can be specified directly by name or by a single character short name.

k’, "black"blacK
r’, "red"Red
g’, "green"Green
b’, "blue"Blue
y’, "yellow"Yellow
m’, "magenta"Magenta
c’, "cyan"Cyan
w’, "white"White
HTML notation

HTML notation is a string that begins with the character ‘#’ and is followed by either 3 or 6 hexadecimal digits. As with RGB triplets, each hexadecimal number represents the fraction of the Red, Green, and Blue channels present in the specified color. For example, "#FF00FF" represents the color magenta.