33.4.1 Recording

The following methods control the recording process.

: record (recorder)
: record (recorder, length)

Record audio without blocking using the audiorecorder object recorder until paused or stopped by the pause or stop methods.

Given the optional argument length, record for length seconds.

See also: @audiorecorder/recordblocking, @audiorecorder/audiorecorder.

: recordblocking (recorder, length)

Record audio with blocking (synchronous I/O).

The length of the recording in seconds (length) must be specified.

See also: @audiorecorder/record, @audiorecorder/audiorecorder.

: pause (recorder)

Pause recording for audiorecorder recorder.

See also: @audiorecorder/resume, @audiorecorder/stop, @audiorecorder/audiorecorder.

: resume (recorder)

Resume recording with the paused audiorecorder object recorder.

See also: @audiorecorder/pause, @audiorecorder/stop, @audiorecorder/audiorecorder.

: stop (recorder)

Stop recording with audiorecorder object recorder and clean up any audio streams.

See also: @audiorecorder/pause, @audiorecorder/resume, @audiorecorder/audiorecorder.

: tf = isrecording (recorder)

Return true if the audiorecorder object recorder is currently recording audio and false otherwise.

See also: @audiorecorder/pause, @audiorecorder/audiorecorder.