Customizing Toolkit Behavior

The specific behavior of the backend toolkit may be modified using the following utility functions. Note: Not all functions apply to every graphics toolkit.

: [prog, args] = gnuplot_binary ()
: [old_prog, old_args] = gnuplot_binary (new_prog)
: [old_prog, old_args] = gnuplot_binary (new_prog, arg1, …)

Query or set the name of the program invoked by the plot command when the graphics toolkit is set to "gnuplot".

Additional arguments to pass to the external plotting program may also be given. The default value is "gnuplot" with no additional arguments. See Installing Octave.

See also: graphics_toolkit.

In addition, the gnuplot program usually provides a number of different interfaces, known as terminals. Octave normally chooses a default terminal, but you can override this with the environment variable GNUTERM. This variable may be set in the shell before starting Octave or from within Octave before plotting for the first time. For example:

setenv ("GNUTERM", "wxt")
graphics_toolkit ("gnuplot")
plot (1:10)