GNU Octave  4.0.0
A high-level interpreted language, primarily intended for numerical computations, mostly compatible with Matlab
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LU Member List

This is the complete list of members for LU, including all inherited members.

a_factbase_lu< Matrix >protected
base_lu(void)base_lu< Matrix >inline
base_lu(const base_lu &a)base_lu< Matrix >inline
base_lu(const Matrix &l, const Matrix &u, const PermMatrix &p)base_lu< Matrix >
getp(void) constbase_lu< Matrix >protected
ipvtbase_lu< Matrix >protected
L(void) constbase_lu< Matrix >
l_factbase_lu< Matrix >protected
LU(const Matrix &a)LU
LU(const LU &a)LUinline
LU(const Matrix &l, const Matrix &u, const PermMatrix &p)LUinline
lu_elt_type typedefbase_lu< Matrix >
operator=(const LU &a)LUinline
base_lu< Matrix >::operator=(const base_lu &a)base_lu< Matrix >inline
P(void) constbase_lu< Matrix >
P_vec(void) constbase_lu< Matrix >
packed(void) constbase_lu< Matrix >
regular(void) constbase_lu< Matrix >
U(void) constbase_lu< Matrix >
unpack(void)base_lu< Matrix >
update(const ColumnVector &u, const ColumnVector &v)LU
update(const Matrix &u, const Matrix &v)LU
update_piv(const ColumnVector &u, const ColumnVector &v)LU
update_piv(const Matrix &u, const Matrix &v)LU
Y(void) constbase_lu< Matrix >
~base_lu(void)base_lu< Matrix >inlinevirtual